Tuesday, 8 September 2015

"Fix Up Look Sharp"

On the 2nd of September I was invited to get my hair cut at Ena Salon, and since my DIY job in February this couldn't have been a more appropriate offer (maybe they saw something that needed fixing). 

Ena Salon is a sustainable hair and beauty hide out in Covent Garden, London. It's interior boasts all things re-usable and chic, normally I find salon's (not that Ive been to many, my Mum is often my go to hairdresser) quite clinical, however here you are welcomed with a warm reception area with mis-match seating, and a long table covered in hydrating and delectably munchable beverages and baked goods, so if you are thirsty and hungry, it's definitely got you covered. Ok so here is my experience...

Upon arrival I was greeted by the bubbliest and most natural receptionist who very flatteringly asked if I was there for the model casting, too kind, upon denying her whopper of a compliment I sat down and waited for Sam (Samuel Ryde, my hair stylist) and was offered a drink... from eye sight there were too many options so I declined at first (I'm too indecisive). As staff passed through they all smiled, and I felt at ease even pulling out my DSLR to take a few cheeky snaps. Sam greets me very warmly and invites me up to take a seat in the 'chair' I always get nervous at this bit... because what if it goes horribly wrong? !SPOILER ALERT! it didn't :D we talked through what we both wanted from my haircut that day, and then I was taken up to get my hair washed for a moisturising treatment. At Ena they are committed to the sustainable cause and use Davines OI hair products, as I sat back relaxed and in gentle conversation, my hair was thoroughly shampooed and conditioned even threw in a head massage, which was much needed after my stint at Leeds festival a few days prior, while this is all going on the surroundings and atmosphere are cosy and the ceiling covered in incredible coral reef illustrated stickers, to give your peepers something to look at, they thought of it all. Back in the chair, and Sam at the helm, with my mint tea at the ready and biscuits, he started chatting and chopping. I think it's fair to note that this salon has a family vibe, stylists and the like passing by were conversational with one another with an injection of fun in the air, seems like a pretty neat place to work. Having had the chop, which seemed very quick for something so accurate (I like it blunt) Sam styled it and popped me up to ensure all loose ends were trimmed and sharp, and boy is it sharp. Here's photographic evidence... I don't know If I can go back to settling for a bad bob again! 

Salon bits and the talent that is Samuel Ryde (sorry Sam)...

Here is their Philosophy...

"Ena Salon provides a unique London hair salon and beauty experience, in the heart of Covent Garden, close to Holborn and the City. Offering complete hair and beauty services, for both men and women, Ena Salon is the result of close friends who wanted to provide a salon experience with a difference, combining genuine care for clients and staff with expert haircutting, styling and colouring alongside holistic massage, waxing and nail care; all under one roof. A hair and beauty retreat of calm amongst the chaos and rush of everyday city life."

and I am very inclined to agree, not just because I got a free haircut but because It's true, the service is friendly and personal, they even pass on handy tips, so you get the best from your hair... I mean did you know that to get the most out of your conditioner it is best to towel dry before applying and rinsing out at a slightly colder temperature, if so, you are steps ahead of me. I'll end it on recommend.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to Sam and Ena Salon for having me and sending me on my way with hair to be proud of x

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