Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cracking Culottes

Culottes have made a 'hyping' comeback this Spring/Summer, and like many trends that return they will also drift away and occasionally end up in the pages of "My weekly". But how can we make our cool culottes last longer than the trend intended? Here's how I think it will work, by selecting some of my favourite from the High Street...

Being fabricated from crepe, means they are quite sturdy, and the shape will create a feminine silhouette, that will mimic that of a high waisted full midi skirt, this will help these last longer in your wardrobe because you can wear them as both, dressing them for a formal and casual occasion. The fuller pant makes them versatile and keeps them super feminine by accentuating your waist. Being heavy weight fabric, means that they are not see-through when purchased in white and can be transitioned into autumn styles. I would wear these with a loose crop top, structured backpack and converse, or some strappy heeled sandals and a clutch for formal vibes, throwing on a sweater or denim shirt partly tucked in for those cooler days.

This is sold as a set and I agree with why, the lighter silk fabric in white could potentially mean they are see-through so teaming it with a longer top will keep your private areas un-exposed, which hopefully is a general preference. This style can also be transitioned from day to night by simply changing your footwear. Again, I selected these as the fuller style could deceive people in to thinking they are a midi skirt, which makes them very wedding guest friendly, so you can get down and dutty on the dance floor keeping your reputation in tact.

A culottes jumpsuit, isn't so much a focus on the styles lifespan but more so it's versatility as a single item. It can be styled with tops underneath, or a top/sweater over the top for example; a simple t-shirt can be worn over it and tied at the waist. It can also be belted to make it feel more styled. Again, this piece can easily be transitioned from formal to casual and vice versa. This one from Zara is in navy blue which is reminiscent of blue jeans, so styling can be similar to how you would style your denim.

I hope you found this helpful. Thank you for reading x

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