Saturday, 22 November 2014

Miss Rebel

Miss Rebel is an online store that sells garments in keeping with current fashion trends at pound saving prices, so that makes this an out of ordinary post for myself. However, as much as I love expensive things, my purse is not as fat as my fashion dreams allow, so in ode to that, Miss Rebel has allowed me to select two pieces from their range to style, and generously given you ladies a 10% discount code JACQ10 to enter at checkout, so please do enjoy that, as well as these images of the items I chose (Am I allowed to say cool) ...

Jacket - MissRebel
Top - MissRebel
Leather Trousers - Zara
Necklace - LylaLoves
Boots - Dr Martens

I will admit to you that I was pleasantly surprised, the quality was much better than I had anticipated, and blows Topshop Jersey range out of the water (I compare it to this because the price range is pretty much the same, but you get more for your money and these pieces have kept their shape). OK, so the clothes you order aren't the Miss Rebel brand, but miscellaneous brands that I can't say I have come across on the High Street before (Another plus if you are one who loves to rock those  underground garms). I chose this adorably fluffy knit jacket (That does come with a belt, but when have you seen me style a belt?) it's built with a silky smooth lining, giving your skin a soft cuddle, it also hangs just below my buttocks, which I usually struggle with being 5ft 9" so I was an extremely happy lady, I will however say that the outer fabric although very soft has a plastic shimmer in particular light, but this can only be expected when buying in synthetic fabrics, at £30.00, in my opinion you get what you paid for and slightly more. The second and final option I selected was a Military green mesh insert Tee; that perhaps if I read the description I would of known the body was polyester and not jersey, so although it doesn't sound like a plus, visually and financially it is, at £14.99 you are getting something that you would normally pay £25.00 or more on the high street for. The fact that the Top is made from a stiffer fabric makes it appear more expensive, and allows it to be transcended from day to night more forgivingly then Jersey ever will. The mesh sleeves keep their shape, to add structure which I liked, although it is one of those fabrics you wished when you were shopping for your house essentials you invested in the steamer instead of the iron. Enough of my ramblings, I hope I've given you clothes for thought.

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping x

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